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The importance of a good title

Comments on the name of the Student Newspaper.

Increase your surfing speed

About pre-fetching web content

Hotmail using an e-mail client

About Hotmail Express, software to access Hotmail

Surfing The World Wide Waves, a weekly article, problems with e-mail security

How not to make it too easy for hackers to read your e-mails

Which E-mail Account Should I Take

Hotmail, Geocities, Yahoo, a few of the options in the early days of the Web

Spam: Advertising Without Polluting

It was better than junk mail

Geocities: A Web Portal

In the Early days of the web we created free webpages thanks to services like Geocities. This would eventually be simplified until we arrived at today's result. Facebook and twitter are grandchildren of Geocities.

ICQ (I seek you)

ICQ was an instant messaging application that allowed you to speak with people. We could search for people by age, sex and location. It was an early precursor to social networks.

Video Compression and the World Wide Web

During the late 90s to early zeros(noughties) I tested Realmedia, Windows Media, animated gif and more. It's from these tests that my hatred for animated gifs stemmed. Anim gifs gave the worst quality, and they were heavier than alternative codecs.

Ancient Worlds, Ancient Worlds, an online community about Ancient civilizations

Ancient Worlds was a social network ahead of it's time. It had cities like Rome, Athens and others. It was a social network for fans of history.

The Seti at Home project

SETI@HOME introduced many of us to the concept of Grid Computing. Today this technology is being used to find a cure to COVID-19 and other research projects

1st page 2000

1st Page 2000 was an editing software package by EVRSOFT.

Computers playing with our emotions

For today's vloggers recording video on a mobile device or SD card is simple and intuitive, but back in the early days of video editing on Non-linear editing systems we had to content with capture card compatibilities and more.


Nainwak is a web based computer games that we could play online. It still exists today and you can still play.

The Flipside

The Flipside is one of the first online communities I joined and I enjoyed conversing with people across Europe.

Like The Flipside was a web forum where we could chat. The website no longer exists

External capture devices

More writing about capture cards

The Eurodatagrid project

Writing about EuroDataGrid's early days

Telecom 2003

TelecomWorld2003 was a fascinating event where I learned a lot about the future of the industry

High speed data transfer

It's fun to read this article, just to see what we thought highspeed was.

Telecom 2003 summary

A quick summary of what I learned at this event

Peer to peer mobile telephony

The idea was to get mobile phones to become pico-cells, to transmi and receive from each other, rather than from cell towers

Nokia 7250i

One of my old mobile phones


Writing about WiFi when it was still novel

EarthStation 5

Earth Station Five was a peer to peer music sharing app.

Tim Berners Lee Knighted

In December of 2003 Tim Berners Lee was knighted for his pioneering work to create the World Wide Web.

Link Validator

Link Validator is still around today.

Bittorrent technology

When the World Wide Web was still young peer to peer sharing played an important role in the sharing of big files. Podcasts, videos and music could be shared as long as a group of people were seeding bits of the entire file.


Although mondane in the age of Zoom, and other video conferencing apps it was interesting to have software to upload an image at a set interval automatically.

Yeti Sports

A collection of online games. We could play baseball with a yeti hitting a bat at a penguin and more

Rate me sites

A precursor to Digg and other website ranking websites.

Wave messaging

Blinking lights on the back of a phone to write in the air

Dancing Badgers

At the time these videos demonstrated Flash technology. Today they're on YouTube.

Pacific Nainwak

The \"Weather\" app for Nainwak.

Redbull Copilot website

They were doing some interesting things at the time. They provided telemetry and more.


Part of the KDE Linux software package


Another article about BitTorrent.


Peer To Peer Radio station.

Avid Free DV

At the time when I wrote this I was excited by the thought of being able to use AVID for free, for learning purposes

Warzabidul and Version 4.0 de Kraland

Some articles I wrote as my Kraland character an interesting way to connect to the web

Rumantsch on the web

At the time I was excited by the idea that we could get Rumantsch content on the Web.

Taking video with mobile phones

At the time we were shooting 360p videos and the quality was bad, but it gave us a taste of what would become normal within a few years

Being a student in 2004

I returned to University as a mature Student.

Make Love not spam

A way to make people lose money. The website no longer exists

Skype - chatting to friends more cheaply

Writing about free audio conversation when it was still novel.

Orkut and internationalism

An online community that would then be bought by Google.

The future of television watching

Writing about PVRs when they were still new.

Picasa 2 and Hello from Google

Picasa is one of the many Google Projects that I loved but that they discontinued. It was a photo management solution for your desktop. Now we just have Google Photos

The Evolution of Online living

Writing about The Year of The Blog.

Mapping London

Mapping Bloggers in London.

An RSS aggregated world

In the days of Google Reader and other RSS aggregators we would read hundreds or thousands of articles from sources we chose. Today people use Twitter for that purpose.

Project Gothenburg Proofreading

If you like reading old texts and traveling back in time then Distributed Readers is an interesting project.


The Myspace documentary

Discussion forums

Discussion forums, an alternative to chats

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