Surfing the World Wide Waves (WWW)

Rate me sites

A precursor to Digg and other website ranking websites.

Personal rating sites

A strange breed of sites can be found on the web, where people intentionally want them to judge them based on looks. It may seem strange to those of us who believe in getting to know people but apparently they have much success. With Swedish sites like or Estonian sites like we are introduced to an interesting world of superficiality... or so we'd think.

If you're from an international environment then you're used to hearing people speak about having the most attractive guys or girls. On these sites it is interesting to see which nation has the more attractive people. In such a way the international aspect of the world wide web is brought to viewers. It encourages dialogue between people in different parts of the same country as well as cross border around the world.

Some controversy surrounds these sites which may at moments have more explicit images or being dangerous to the less informed people. The danger arises when the younger users decide to meet those they have been chatting to without taking the proper precautions like telling their friends where they are going and whether they could be accompanied for more safety.


Why not take at these two sites to get an idea:

Snyggast - The website no longer exists so I have linked to the wayback machine.

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