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Make Love not spam

A way to make people lose money. The website no longer exists

Make Love not Spam

Surfing through the headlines I found an article speaking about Lycos and a project of theirs. Spam is an ever increasing problem taking gigabytes of space on various servers around the world and wasting thousands of hours for no good reason. They found that the way they would like to stop or prevent spam is through a screen saver project named Make Love Not Spam, taking the old hippy saying and applying it to a new context.

The idea is that spammers use their websites without advertising. As a result any traffic through the site makes them lose money. It is hoped by increasing the amount of traffic to the website over time there will be the possibility of making it to expensive for spammers to continue as they have been doing.

The screensaver is designed to generate a constant trickle of traffic from the servers yet without overloading them. As more people join in spamming will become far too expensive to continue and the web will no longer be as aggravated by spammers. The more people join in this effort the better it will be for the rest of us overtime.

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