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Nainwak is a web based computer games that we could play online. It still exists today and you can still play.


Pretending to be garden gnomes.

Nainwak, a game designed by University students is based around Garden Gnomes. They are divided into three camps, brave gnomes who are the goodies, rempant (rampant) which are the undecided and Sadiks. Every one has his own gnome and the aim of the game is to kill all the gnomes on the other side. Each time you kill a garden gnome you gain experience points (xp). As time continues you will rise to higher and higher levels and as this happens you will be able to improve four qualities, your life, strength, precision and intelligence.

What makes this game interesting is the humour of the names and the weapons. At biblionainwak you may see how many different versions of weapons and objects in general there are.

Another interesting feature of this game is the Météonainwak which gives a map of each world and shows where the most brave, sadik and Rampant gnomes there are. At the moment for example there are two wars being thought, one at Puit sans Squat and Arena where I can be found. Another interesting link is Spy Club, le village where by copying and pasting the code which appears at the top of your window in nainwak you are able to view the location of all the other players in the game.

Hope to add more with time, if you'd like to share your own misfortunes then don't hesitate to contact me

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