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Which E-mail Account Should I Take

Hotmail, Geocities, Yahoo, a few of the options in the early days of the Web

Which E-mail Account Should I Take


Don't have an e-mail account yet, well don't worry I'll help you make a choice of accounts giving you information for each of the following, hotmail, yahoo, and geocities.

Many people already have hotmail so I will talk about the basics, this service is provided by Microsoft and is free, you get 2000kb of space for e-mail storage which is fairly large considering the type of e-mails most people send, the downside is that it takes a while to load up the windows, one for the login, one for the new messages and another for if you want to send e-mail therefore it is fairly slow.

Another such service is Yahoo which is almost the same except for the layout, having calendars and other such add-ons if you are interested, in addition to these you can personalize this account because you get the e-mail account and this becomes a form of identity so that when you use Yahoo you configure it to display what you are interested whether sports or news etc.

For those of you who use e-mail on a regular basis a service which may be interesting to you is, if you spend many hours online then you know that it's primary aim is to get people to create WebPages (11megs) and upon getting a web page you may also get an account on this account. There are two methods for using this account, the first is to make it forward the messages to an account but the second is to set up you computer in such a way as to enable you to check the account using outlook express, outlook and many other e-mail programs so that you can download the messages to your computer enabling you to read the messages off-line and then answering them. When you log on again you may send the messages.

I would recommend using Yahoo, (It has nothing to do with my web page's ranking on the search engine), It gives you more for your login name's value and additionally if you spend time online then you can download the yahoo pager which is similar to ICQ in many ways with additions such as news etc. I would recommend this to people who like to have a lot of things in one place although the one which caught my attention and which I have been using is geocities because of the possibility to use e-mail clients to download the messages for off line reading and getting back online when you want to send them.

Happy surfing

Richard Azia

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