Although mondane in the age of Zoom, and other video conferencing apps it was interesting to have software to upload an image at a set interval automatically.

Surfing the World Wide Waves, Webcams and ftp

Surfing the World Wide Waves (WWW)


There are a few methods by which to get images onto your webpage and one of the best methods is sending the image via ftp to your server. As you'll see on this webpage it reloads automaticaly with a new image around once a minute. In order to do this I experimented with WebCamFirst and below you can see the result. It's a program which you install on your operating system and depending on how you chose to use it it automaticaly takes a picture and sends the file to your webserver.

Once this is done all that's left for you to do is create a webpage linking directly to the image and add a refresh tag so that the website reloads automaticaly for people to enjoy looking at you.

Whether what they see is interesting or not depends on where the webcam is and on whether you want to give them something more fun to look at.

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