Surfing the World Wide Waves (WWW)

Taking video with mobile phones

At the time we were shooting 360p videos and the quality was bad, but it gave us a taste of what would become normal within a few years

Taking video with a mobile phone

The nokia 6230 is a great piece of technology. It's a multimedia centre on something no larger than other nokia phones. It comes with picture capability, mp3 playing and far more. One of the features I enjoyed playing with last night was the video recording. It's a very low quality of image. The reason for which it is becoming so popular is that people love to have memories without the drag of carrying around huge obnoxious cameras to private parties etc.

I was taking video and as the night went on we watched the various videos, laughed and continued shooting. It's a way of documenting student life for example in a new experimental method.

Me at computer

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