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Yeti Sports

A collection of online games. We could play baseball with a yeti hitting a bat at a penguin and more

Yeti Sports

For all of those with excentric tastes there are an interesting series of games at yeti sports. The first game consisted in a yeti playing baseball with a penguin. The aim was to get the penguin as far as possible. Several offshoots of this game came into being of which some made much bigger distances, another was a gore version with land mines and more.

The second of these games consisted in a penguin jumping onto an Orca's tale before being hit towards a bullseye. The third of these games involved a yeti, seals and a penguin. The penguin was swung around the head like a hammer (olympic type) and the aim was to get the penguin to fly as high as possible. Seals could help get the penguin slightly higher.

The last game in this series consists in Seagulls, kangaroos, a penguin and a yeti. The aim is to get the penguin to be carried as far as possible by the seagull. There are a limited amount of wing beats to keep it flying.

These are amusing games so if you have two or three minutes to waste why not drop in, you may find that the time you spend on the site increases as you get addicted to the games.


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