Surfing the World Wide Waves (WWW) an interesting way to connect to the web

Finding Wifi hotspots

As internet access becomes a more pervasive part of our lives it is important for us to remain in contact with the outside world. As a student you may find that Internet access is hard to find as providers offer deals which must last for at least six months or more. This means that if you're living in a place for a short amount of time access to high bandwidth internet access is more complicated to find.

With websites such as the task of finding a place from which to gain internet access has been easier for those with WiFi capabilities on their laptop. If they want to find a cheap place from which they want to access the web, for example a petrol station, a coffee bar etc. they can check the website before going to that location. In other circumstances thanks to text messages people will be told where to find the closest hotspot.

In so doing the conventional agreement with phone companies is no longer the same. Instead of taking a contract you find a place, log on and surf the web. You may find some places which are cheap, others slightly more expensive but measured on an hourly or monthly basis depending on what interests you.

This opens up a really interesting ability for bloggers, webmasters, businessmen and more to do what they want from a location which they find more convenient or comfortable.

What if a portable telephone was designed with wifi access in mind or even a watch. As you walk in a city the watch detects whether wifi is available and the owner then connects from any location. It's the future of mass communication.

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