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Nokia 7250i

One of my old mobile phones

Nokia 7250i

If like me you have a love for technology then one of the most interesting Nokia phones I saw on the market so far is the Nokia 7250i.It's got a number of interesting features of which being a Tri-band phone is one. It can be used all over the world as long as the signal is strong enough. Add to this a camera, an agenda, a radio and more integretated it's one of the most useful phones on the market.

I've recently purchased one of these phones and so far it's quite an interesting phone to have because you are always close to a camera. It's got four megabytes of disk space and each picture you take is around 10Kb so that means you can store around 350 pictures on the phone depending on the size of your address book etc.

Another interesting feature is the XHTML browser which is included for wap navigation. This means that you can display normal websites without the need of a computer. You are no longer limited to WML and a whole new world of possibilities opens up for you as the user of this phone.

Finally one of the strongest features of this phone is the Nokia usability. Unlike other phone manufacturers the menus are easy to use and you'll find it so intuitive you'll be taking pictures and sending them to people around the world far more easily whether it is by MMS or by e-mail.

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