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About making videos

Shooting and editing is an activity which is very relaxing, many of us are used to watching television yet how many of us actually know how to shoot video properly? Having been able to access a camera since I was eight years old or younger I have really become comfortable with cameras, currently owning the VX-2000, very beautiful camera to shoot with. Over the years I have been able to use cameras recording on VHS, 8mm, Hi8, DV, Betacam SP, and Betacam SX. 

Currently studying as a Bournemouth university student I am doing an HND in video production as I need a better foundation on the paperwork side of video production. From the technical side, shooting, editing and so on I was able to get experience working for a small production company in Geneva exposing me to the professional environment. 

List of shoots, edits, and acting:

No. Name of shoot
37Halloween video for the Roi Ubu, (current project)
36 Edit for the Roi Ubu
35Geneva Lake Parade
34 Freechoice documentary about the Eurovision News Exchange
33 Queen Mother funeral
32 Slobodan Milosevic trial (opening days)
30 A Demon called Ralph
29 Ian Fuller documentary
28 Le Voleur
27 Coastguard (only edited rough cut)
26 Dajani Interview
25 Une journée de Snowboard
24 Vertov Documentary presentation
23 Short fiction (one of the actors)
22 ENG exercise
21Crete 2000 (end of IB celebrations
20 Militaire humanitaire
19 Ignyama at chat Kermesse
18 Paris 2000
17 Schools as Agents of change conference
16 International Evening 2000
15 Jazz and Folk Evening
14 International Evening 1999
13 Tanzania 2000
12 Journée du Romantisme
11 Aliosha play
10 Nato Anniversary (tektroniks server used)
9 Class of 2001 IB monologues
8 Frizzz individual study
7 compressing something for a DVB presentation (professional)
6 Le Roi qui pleure (made a lot of money)
5 Alice in Wonderland individual study.
4 Ramayana show (shot on four consecutive nights and then edited)
3 Commentary on "Away" by Jane Urquhart
2 Mer des Glaces
1 Rome 98

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