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Have We Come to a World Where it is Survival of the Conformist? ] Two Films and a Series ] Média ] Le Cinéma. ]

In my English Class people were discussing the novel "Emma" by Jane Austen and one person commented that if a person doesn't small talk then the only thing you can talk to them about is the Weather, that in fact is not so true because in fact those people may be spending a lot of time watching others talking and because they become remote they allow themselves to critise the interactions as well as thinking about in which ways things could be improved.

One of the many question I have asked myself is "Have we come to an age where it is Survival of the conformists, not fittest?" You can read it if you want and I'd be interested in finding out what your reactions are.

Two films and a series: something which still needs to be proofread which speaks about love as I interpret it to be in films and comment on its feasibility in real life.


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