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Watching television with films and series is sometimes interesting, we may ask ourselves questions which can't be answered because we do not have the experience but at the same time we think that we succeed in getting the answer because of some trigger such as a film or television series which are of interest to you because you don't know how to explain a certain occurrence, this occurrence for me is the question of love.

In mythology we learn that love is something which happens between a heterosexual couple and it involves communication, trying to be with the person you love and much more. Take Pyramus and Thiesbe, two characters in Roman and Greek mythology which fall in love because they have been talking to each other regularly across a wall and so this makes their loves blossom, after a while they finally decide to meet but it ends tragically as you will be able to read on the page if you click on the hyperlink above. This was then copied again by Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet as well as having been interpreted many times after this during various times and each time it was interpreted we find out about what is considered to be Romantic although I've heard from people who have studied Romanticism that it is the quest for lost time, does that really sound romantic? An Italian proverb says that there is no love like the first love and this is something which I am curious about.

If the first love is so special what is it that makes it special, after all take time to look around you and you will see that all people are alike, everyone seems to enjoy similar hobbies and most people stay in groups, so how is it decided that you love someone in the same capacity as you get hobbies, and could hobbies be considered love, after all if you enjoy the same things as another person you will undoubtedly be able to talk to them while if you have conflicting interests then you will surely not care for that person, for example take the example of conversation at school. In English class someone said that conversation is made up of gossip and if a person doesn't gossip you have no subject to talk about, except for weather, commented another person. So how can you fall in love of someone whom you have never spoken to yet who you feel you would like, is it because you are rejected at a party and someone comes to talk to you and so you bond with that person instantly or is it something such as doing some form of sport and seeing the person day after day after day for two weeks and then when you leave you suddenly become hollow inside because you've lost that person.

From my own experience back in 1996 I spent a couple of weeks in the ArdÍche camping and spending many hours canoeing, kayaking, cycling as well as walking and swimming in the river and so stress from everyday life is far away and you only spend time thinking about what you are doing at that time. During the night people speak about the day and so inevitably gossiping comes up in a conversation and you here of someone attractive and so you look for her and finally you see someone which you are interested by but who you don't actually talk to because you feel you have nothing to talk about (hence the mention in the previous paragraph about the comment during an English class) and so you spend many hours hoping for some circumstance to be able to begin a conversation and so get to know the person a little bit better.

Time which is sometimes described as not existing does exist, the time at which you feel it most is when you want to start a conversation with someone and so wait for the occasion until it's too late and you go home, but during the trip you listen to music and think about things, for example you play back the whole two weeks as well as imagine what could have happened had you had the initiative to start talking.

As this process of thinking begins to be very active you begin to think and develop your mind to tackle problems, normally you would have friends to tell you to give up etc. but when you keep concentrating for a long time on something you start to ask yourself questions such as whether you were in love or not, whether you are different to others and many more questions and as you think you begin to get philosophical ideas although this takes a long period of thinking to develop, for example you're sometimes asked what you liked about a person and you're unable to answer. this made me think about what the two weeks were like and I found that I had pleasant memories about the thing as well as that I was thinking about that individual for a long period of time and came to the conclusion that love was circumstantial. This is the reason that no one can describe the reason they love or don't love someone, you're afraid that people will tell you that it's not love etc. because you know that other people will say that other members of that sex are the same and so this would change the extent to which someone is special, after all if someone can give examples of similar people then you're going to become a little confused as well as not being able to talk to people about certain ideas etc. mostly because you want to cling onto that hope of having someone who is exactly like you, lived in the same country and known you for a vast amount of time, take Damson's Creek, the story of a group of teen-agers living in a small community where they live close enough so as to visit each other all the time.

Joey and Dawson have known each other for a long time so that they see each other as brother as sister but at the same time they are growing up. When Jen comes along she upsets the balance between Joey and Dawson because they believed themselves to be just friends but this is put into question, by the way how many people have  noticed that Joey at the beginning of the series says "Even Steven Spielberg outgrew his Peter Pan syndrome and at the end of the series Dawson says that precise thing. I don't know whether it has any importance to what I am discussing now but I wanted to add it in anyway. If two people live in a small community and have known each other since they were young are they likely to be in love or are they likely to be best friends, someone may say that it isn't realistic etc while someone else may believe that this may be the case, one quote I have is that "a friend is a person who knows all your flaws but still remains a friend, this may be the situation that is supposed to be between Dawson and Joey.

That may bring some people to believe that to be in love even if you don't show it is too know someone for a very long time which may be true but at the same time as far as it was possible before the modern transport methods it is not as likely of happening now. We would move onto the situation of "Addicted to Love". This story takes place over a period of time which I am not sure of so I won't give any specific but the beginning situation is similar to that of Dawson and Joey although they are older and one of the people moves away. This was a childhood girlfriend, the male stays in the same place until one day he hears that she's staying in New York. He therefore goes there and finds out that she's no longer living in a hotel but in a flat with another man so he decides to get some of his equipment, blah blah (can't tell you everything otherwise there's no point in watching the film) and in the end the outcome is that there are two couples formed and we are led to believe that although people may have known each other for a long time they could like each other, however they are not really in love and as they grew up they split and as this happened two new couples were formed showing that after going through teenage years concepts and ideas may have changed to such an extent as to mean that a new life would begin.

From the example of the film and the series we still find no answer because while a series says one thing a film says an other so that you may debate the idea for several hours and finally you could come onto the "There's something about Mary type scenario where several men get obsessed with Mary because of various reasons and when this person says that he walks away crying and finally after a few minutes the person he love comes back and says that she herself was doing the same as the men obsessed by her, finally they join etc. so that there's a happy ending as in most films, however this is not the end taking the Sleepless in Seattle scenario etc. but if I talk about all this you will see that it is impossible for a person to have lived through all so I decide to stop here.

Love is something very mysterious because it could be said that it never exists in a pure form or that it springs from habit etc but actually it's about being genuine and natural in front of the person you love so that they love you for the right reasons so that you are no longer an actor but a person.


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