Pyramus and Thisbe


Pyramus and Thisbe


This is the story of two lovers in Ancient times. From when Ovid wrote his famous poem. It is the story of two lovers who are separated by hatred of their families but which between these two characters there is a great love.

Two people whom love each other are separated by a wall but also by their family's hatred. There was a crack in the wall and through this whole the two lovers could converse and did so every night for a certain amount of time. They wished that they could one day get the opportunity to exchange but a simple kiss. One morning they were no longer able to suppress the desires to meet each other so they established a meeting point and time. The meeting point was near Ninus "tomb". Here they would meet and be able to embrace each other. There was a tree close by which was a mulberry with snowy fruits. For the next day both waited for the last rays of sunlight so that they may at last embrace each other in love. "Never had their hearts beaten with such fervor".

Thisbe reached the spot where they had decided to meet but found a lioness with part of it's meal in it's jaws. Thisbe took fright and ran away loosing her veil. The lioness approached this veil and ripped it to bits staining it with blood.

When Pyramus made his way from the city in the hope to meet his love he found the veil and the footprints of the animal. He imagined the worst scenario which was that she had died so he got his sword and bore it into his side. He bled, staining the white fruit turning it red.

Thisbis who had recovered from the shock of seeing this beast returned to this tree only to find that her lover was dying in a pool of his own blood. When she noticed that he was holding the veil she understood what had happened. She then took the sword with which Pyramus had killed himself and killed herself in the same manner as he had.

"In lament, the gods turned the tall tree into the symbol of their love. Every year, when the fruit of the mulberry is ripe, it turns a deep red, commemorating the devotion of the two lovers.

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