Welcome to my Media studies page:

I am currently doing a BAMS course at the University and as I do more research I will write to explore ideas. These are not all academic essays. Enjoy them.

Some Academic Work
Montage theory and Editing A little look at Montage and editing
Genre Theory short introduction to give people a base from which to progress
Film as art Does Art have something to fear from the industrialisation of the processes?
Some thoughts on the cinema Inspired by a thread on The Flipside
On the future of the media This is only a draft of an essay,
Writing for fun
Amelie an essay about Le Fabuleux Destin D'Amelie Poulain
MASH Who doesn't know Mash, an in depth look
L'auberge Espagnole A film about going on Erasmus to Barcelona
Commentary on Alinghi - The Inside Story. Some of my thoughts about the documentary
The study of writing scripts - A televisual activity Why I enjoy learning about script writing
A question of information summary of an idea
The future of the media and the process of Globalisation One essay on Globalisation and one essay on the Future of the media later

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