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In Salzburg on the 11th of August was a total eclipse which I was there to witness

The solar eclipse took several hours in going through all the stages, firstly when the moon begins to cover the moon little by little, then as it becomes more covered the light properties change, it starts getting darker and shadows are different to what we normally see, some people have said there are no shadows. As it gets to 90% or more it begins to get dark and if you go to a high position then you may see the shadow coming towards you, however if you are in a group of people it may be interesting to see how people react, this is where I was, in a crowd, as the light begins to shimmer people begin to be excited and a slivery light is now visible, a few more seconds and shimmering begins. Very soon after that the sun is covered and we see the corona in all it's majesty and we hear the people going wild with excitement and the photographers take pictures of the moon etc. hoping to get at least one good picture.


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