Le roi qui Pleure

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Le roi qui pleure (the crying king)

About the show...

Le roi qui pleure was an event which took place over a period of six days, involving over three hundred children from many different schools and make a show out of this...

... but this is not part of what I worked on...

One night while online at a late hour when the rest of the family was asleep (I think...) I spoke to one of my friends on an instant messaging system and he asked a few of my friends and me whether we could help him out the next day to set up the chairs and other props for the show and so we said yes and the next day we arrived there to set up a few hundred chairs over a period of around three hours or more and place the props where they should be... blah blah blah...

While in the process of setting up the show I saw that this would be a good occasion to shoot something out of school and offered my services.... and waited to see whether they needed someone to shoot it.... After several days I was asked whether I could shoot the show so I agreed to do it but only shot it on one of the nights it was on rather than on the six and because of this I didn't have much choice of material with which to make it look like a multi camera production.

When I watched the video I had taken I thought that next time I cover a show like that I should keep both eyes open to see all the action, the reason being that because there was always the centre of attention being the same I should have kept a tight shot on him until the people around were in position. In so doing the video would be better because I would have zoomed out to have the right shot size, not re-framing and thereby making the video uncertain.

oh well, next time


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