Alice, shot 48 minutes 49 seconds, used 48 minutes 09 seconds


The show Alice was put on by some people whom were studying at the same high school and me several years ago as part of their course work. What made this shoot special was the layout of the room, having the audience surrounded by the action in a union jack pattern with a small area at the center where more action could take place.

The use of space during this show was special because action was taking place all around me therefore I needed to see which place would be best from which to film the actions. I was using a monopod and the PC7 and space was tight, with people surrounding me so that I could hardly move.

Although the conditions were tight because I had spent the past few weeks shooting other theater pieces I did not feel the constraints so much. Rather I concentrated on the actual filming.

I watched the action in front of the camera but also kept scanning with my other eye to know what was going on within the whole room. As the show went on I experimented a little bit with space and time so that although a person was still speaking I went towards the area where the action was going to take place, pre-editing the piece in camera so that there was not much to do during the editing phase itself.

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