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Who participated in the fifth General Assembly of the SLN - Palais des Nations, Geneva

The student League of Nations is a body of students from different schools including some from the International school of Geneva as well as from the United World college of the Atlantic (Great Britain), City technology College (Great Britain), Inter-Community school (Zurich, Switzerland) and many other schools which would take to long to list and it's not that important which schools participate. The SLN event to which I went to was the UN building in Geneva during the fourteenth and fifteenth of December.


Some procedures explaining what the participants do and a little bit of why.

Some of the delegations with good speakers have as a goal to present their resolutions to the General assembly and debate the different articles so that it is either accepted or rejected. It is interesting also to note the way in which the assembly is controlled because at the beginning of each resolution there is a demand to see every country that would like to address that particular resolution either to get more information or to give more information so that it is sure that all countries do get to say what they have to.

There is another thing which is the right of reply where if one country is attacked or questioned it has the benefit of answering to the questioning country explaining its views as well as why.

When all countries which wanted to speak have finished speaking there is a ten minute pause in the SLN which gives time to the different delegations to ask questions about the resolution and telling them what they would like to see changed in order to decided on whether or not to vote yes and whether to abstain.

When the voting takes place every single country present is given a vote and it has the option to vote yes, no or abstain and it goes in alphabetical order in case you are wanting to take video of any of this.


A list of shots you may want for an edit.

In order to get a comprehensive edit of the SLN you must make sure to get the actions described above and so I have decided to compile a list of shots which you may want:

- Shots of the room

- different delegations with the name placard

- shots of the presidential table

- shots of the messengers walking around passing messages from one delegation to the next

- getting shots of delegations taking notes

- getting one country talking about another and the other country's reaction to make an interesting sequence

- general shots of the building in which the SLN is taking place

- getting the important personalities on video when they speak to the assembly etc.

I don't know whether this would be of any use to people but I decided to add it to the page so that next year some other people may be able to assist me in taking video at the event.


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