Ramayana Show

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The Ramayana is an Indian poem with 50,000 lines recounting on good and evil etc. and this version which I took video of was made by some students doing theatre at an IB level.

1st day:

Preparations and positioning:

While most of the cast was repeating their show before the show I was concentrating on several aspects involved in order to create a video such as where to place the camera so that I could get the whole show since I didn't know it that well. I asked one of the actors if he could tell me the positions so that I may know what to shoot.

It proved inconclusive to ask for the first night so I taped the whole show so that I wouldn't miss to much. I feel that the first shoot went fairly well except for a few small mistakes such as beginning to pan to early towards an actor during a dialog scene but overall it was a good day.

The second day and those following:

After the school day was over I went home and watched what I had shot over the previous night creating a list of all the actions in the play so that I had the order to anticipate the movement which proved to be fairly useful because over the next few nights I would use it in order to log which shots I had and which ones I would need therefore saving a little tape although not much.

The last day which was a Saturday I went to school for 17:00 hrs and I prepared my camera so that I would have a different angle of view so that in the final stages of shooting, that is to say at the editing part I would be able to cut between camera angles to get reaction shots as well as provocations etc.

Finally after the show was over there was a small party for the cast which I shot getting some interesting angles and it's good because it shows them being themselves so that ultimately during the end of year video yearbook if it is produced then I will have an interesting story which will interest people therefore getting some more exposure for my video.


The part which requires both time and organization

Editing the Ramayana was one edit which I did not enjoy much because of the size of the project, firstly shooting the event, logging the whole of the first tape, selecting which parts need editing and then copying all the good shots from the other tapes onto a pre-edit tape. After the pre-edit tape was created there was the need to log this tape so that at the editing stage it would take less time, (still 5 and a half hours starting at 10:30 and continuing till 16:00.


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