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Rome, as the capital of the Roman empire, was the most important city. The city grew and so it became occupied by important buildings. These buildings are all built close to each other making a center for entertainment and other causes like political leaders going to the Forum. These buildings are the Coliseum which is the symbol of Rome. There is also the Forum Romanum which was very important as there were political people who went there to talk. There were temples to different gods. Commercial people also went there to speak. there was also the Circus Maximus which was where there were chariot races where the people went to watch it happening. There was also the Pantheon which was a building with a dome over it which had a hole through the top. This was to let in light but water also came into it. It is the building of all gods and was built by Hadrian in about 140ad. It is built in stone and is 43 meters in diameter. the dome was built to be strong so that it would not collapse on people inside. It was also built from cement. There were statues of the gods. There are also the statues of Caesar, Agrippa and Augustus.

People live in Insulae at the bottom of seven hills where the city is built. Rich people had houses on the hills for summer as there were insects and illnesses which spread during that time of year in the poorer area of the city.

Photos of the Roman Forum from 2005

The Colosseum (26919 bytes) The Coliseum

Colosseum2.jpg (33165 bytes)

Interior of the Coliseum


Constantine's Arch near the Coliseum

ForumRomanum.jpg (26317 bytes) Roman forum

ForumRomanum2.jpg (36929 bytes)

ForumRomanum3.jpg (29702 bytes)

For more up to date photos Photos from 2005

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