The Colosseum

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The Colosseum - a comparison of pictures taken during the 1960s and in August 1996...

The Colosseum (26919 bytes)
Black and White photo of the colosseum
990803RomaColosseumInterior.jpg (75565 bytes)
View of the Interior of the Colosseum
Colosseum2.jpg (33165 bytes)
View of the Colosseum Interior, looking downwards
990803RomaColosseumInterior2.jpg (43196 bytes)
View of the interior of the Colosseum
View of the Arch outside the Colosseum
990808RomaArcoCostantino2.jpg (52009 bytes)
View of the Arch outside the Colosseum - More recent
990819RomaColosseum.jpg (52096 bytes)
A Couple taking a photo to give a sense of scale
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Last updated: September 23, 2002