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Started in 1996 following one of my numerous trips to Rome I felt that with the increasing amount of things I was learning at school I was beginning to be saturated and that without writing it down it may be lost.

I began this part of the website when I was around 15-16 years old. It's five years later and the website is still working well.

My work load is not as great as it used to be and I hope to improve pages such as that on Julius Caesar and add more elements.

If you would like to contribute to this site then yopu may contact me with the content and full credit will be given to you as the author.


Ancient Worlds

If you're interested in Ancient civilizations then you will find a series of discussions from Athenian philosophy to Roman Britain and Anglo Saxon England.

Within this community I am rafaleaz Romulus member of the welcoming committee of Rome.


Why not learn a little more geography, understand environmental systems or read about the World Wide Web, these are all smaller sections within my website.


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Roman History

The Triumvirate

Roman Army Legion Structure
Roman Builders

The pantheon

The colliseum

Roman Art and Architecture Roman Homes
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Pompeii: Daily life, Bodies of Evidence, The Stabian Baths Glossary


Gaius Julius Caesar

I am currently re-working this page but it should include information on:

His family

His early Life

Rise to power

Once in power

Roman Transportation
Every Day Life

Roman Work week and Leisure Time

Holidays and special days



The Godess Diana


Prometheus, Creator of Man

Greek Mythology

War of the gods and titans

Love in mythology

Conquered Territories

Nyon Roman city in Switzerland


Jerash, city in Jordan

Slavery at the time of the Romans
Geography of the Roman empire
Books from the time Ovide: "L'art D'aimer"
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