Apple Intel Macs and FireWire

If you bought a Mac Book Pro in 2007 or so you could get it with firewire 800, Thunderbolt 1 and a number of other connectors. A few years later they did away with every connector except USB-C, for charging and devices. The result was a thin laptop that needed dongles, and breakout boxes, for everything. If you have a garmin device to charge you need an adaptor. If you have a firewire 400 or 800 drive you may need two or three dongles to have the right connections.

Pi5 4GB experiment

For those that are wondering whether you can use a Raspberry Pi 5 with four gigabytes of RAM as a desktop replacement the answer is “not really”. I know I should have said this at the end but I prefer to tell people immediately. The OS For this experiment I am running Raspberry Pi OS, the version released: 2024-03-15. I have no doubt that Raspberry Pi OS Lite and Ubuntu Server would be fine.

Algorithms and Social Media

Recently I have been thinking more about trolling. I have been thinking about why, I, and others, appear so negative or toxic on social media. I believe that one reason for this is that algorithms drive conversations and popularity, rather than time devoted to social media, and conversationalism. Return on Investment Then and Now By this I mean that if I spent 20 hours on social media in 2006 or 2007 I would have spent 20 hours watching conversations between friends, and friends of friends.

On Rest Days

Doing the Via Ferrata(VF) on Sunday, and then hiking down was physical. For a start, I was doing a Via Ferrata, something that I have done once, before, within the last six or seven years. The hike down was also quite physical. Combined the VF and the hike tired me. 62 Hours of Rest According to Sportstracker I needed to give myself 62 hours to recover from the huge effort. It’s over 400 minutes of exercise, of which some of it was walking at up to 1900m for the first time in years.

The Pleasure of Meetups

On Friday I organised a Via Ferrata at the Via Ferrata du Moléson and it went well. I met new people including people that were not part of the group. The weather was cool so there was no risk of heat stroke or dehydration. What made this VF so relaxed for me, is that I was behind someone who was afraid, so I continued at a relaxed pace behind. It gave me time to look at the landscape, to take pictures and to speak with someone who was stuck behind us.

The Spontaneous Activity

For years I did activities with people, usually not as an organiser for one very simple reason. Micro-managers. These are the people that have an opinion, and a schedule, that want to take control of a simple activity. These people take a spontaneous activity and make it a nightmare. For me the entire joy of going to do a hike, or a Via ferrata, or other things is to decide on a meeting place, and time, and do it.

The Reason We Stopped Watching TV and Listening to Radio

There was a time decades ago, when we had a choice of five channels. TSR, TF1, Antenne 2, SRF and RSI. Over time we got more channels offered to us, and with satellite TV and cable our choice mushroomed to the point where we could watch documentary channels for a morning, and move on to something else once the programs looped. Watching More and More The result of this TV watching is that we watched hours of programs but we also wasted huge amounts of time on ads.

A quick play with the AI Kit by Raspberry Pi

Yesterday afternoon as I set off for my walk I noticed that the Pi AI Kit was in my post box. I moved it to the locked compartment and then went for my walk. After the walk I took the time to set it up and it went well. Easy Assembly If you’ve got your own kit but haven’t assembled it first, the long screws are there so that you can fix the Raspberry Pi and AI kit within the default Pi case.

Stress Testing the Ocean Drive Street E-Scooter

Yesterday I had to drive from Nyon to Founex to do a favour for someone. Normally I would have used the car but it was in for a tire change. I was switching from winter to summer tires at last. On the way to Founex I took farm roads as much as possible because they’re less likely to have cars, and I’m less likely to be in the way of those cars.

Apple Intelligence and the Digital Divide

Last night I attempted to watch the WWDC conference and failed. This wasn’t a technical issue. The issue was a cultural one. I find the show to be too kitschy for me. From the pretending to leap out of a plane to the tone of their conversation, it’s just unwatchable for me, with European sensibilities. Apple came out with Apple Intelligence which, at face value, is fantastic. I say at face value because it won’t work on Intel devices, and it won’t work on devices that came out before the iPhone 15.