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How much?


  • Rainforests are being destroyed because the value of this land is perceived as only the value of it's timber by short sighted governments, multi-national logging companies and land owners.
  • Commercial logging => teak, mahogany, rosewood etc.... for furniture, building materials, charcoal for big businesses and big profits. Comaines: Texaco, Mitsubishi corp. Unocoal...
  • Governments and their development of natural resources. control 805 of rainforests
  • National debt=> World Bank
  • Logging rainforest timber => $$large economic resource
  • Composition of the soil, nutrients are locked up in the trees, less than 10% of the Amazonian soils are suitable for agriculture.
  • subsistence farming
  • "squatter's rights"
  • cattle ranching
  • mining
  • oil extraction
  • hydroelectric dams




Author: Gillian S.

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