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Title Description additonal thoughts
Spiritus by Ismail Kadare

Set in Socialist Albania it tells the story of a theatre production which never happens.

For those among you who are interested in finding out a little more about countries whilst under the soviet influence this is an interesting read. It takes a look at the way in which spying was done within Albania.The Author has been nominated several times for a Nobel Prize


Dude Where's my Country

For those who enjoy Michael Moore

Stupid White Men,


"and other sorry excuses for the State of the Nation"

An interesting and amusing read for those of us who feel like knowing more about the US of A, quite a few people are taking the time to read this satire of modern politics, contains letters to Bush and Arafat. Judge it for yourself

The CLan of the cavebear

Clan of the Bear

The first book in a series of five books. The tale of a young homo sapien girl who gets seperated from her own species Some thoughts
Valley of Horses

Valley of the Horses

Ayla has grown into a young woman and no longer lives with the Clan, she must fend for herself but soon meets another of her species Some thoughts
Mammoth Hunters

Mammoth hunters

Read about how Ayla is getting on at the moment, why not read the fascinating account of how a mammoth hunt may have taken place thousands of years ago when they were not yet extinct Some thoughts
Plains of Passage

Plains of passage

Our two characters are walking towards Jondalar's home Some thoughts
The Shelters of Stonecover Ayla and Jondalar finally make it back to the Ninth cave. The final book in this five book series sees Ayla arrive to Jondalar's people amongst which is the Ninth cave of the Zelandonii. Some thoughts
Black hawk Down by Mark Bowden

Black Hawk Down, Mark Bowden

Read about the Operation which took place in Mogadishu, how it went wrong. Gain an global view of the events which took place.
Lord of the rings

Lord of the Rings

Why not read the book before seeing the film, very well written and entertaining
A Shadow on the Glass

The first book within the Tale of the Mirror

The first of a series of four books following the journey of Liam, a master chronicler whom is banished from his college for wanting to go to far into researching the histories
The Tower on the Rift

The Tower on the Rift

The Tower on the rift is the second of a four book series. Our familiar characters must go to the Rift where strong forces remain
Dark is the moon

The Dark Moon, Ian Irvine

The penultimate book in the series, yet again we find the heros and uncertainty on who to trust is very strong at the moment.
The Way Between the Worlds

The Way Between the Worlds

The culmination of the four previous books, whom will be victorious, who survives, who does not.

Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier

Daphne Du Maurier's interesting book about intrigue. Later to be adapted to the screen by Alftred Hitchcock.


Book one in a series of fantasy book by Katherine Kerr
The City of Joy

City of Joy, tail of a priest in India

The Story of a priest who goes to work as a doctor in India. A read anyone would appreciate

Airframe, Michael Chrichton

When an airframe goes wrong the company which built it must check all parts on it's aircrafts, an interesting piece of fiction detailing the process and problems within this type of work

Sphere, Michael Chrichton

Some scientists journey to the bottom to the ocean to explore a craft there, strange occurences begin to take place, the action is very interesting although the dialogue could be improved.

Congo, Michael C

A mission is sent to the Congo for some research. A satellite link up is set up but whilst the people are speaking sending information back a grey creature appears and starts killing the people. The link is lost... another group of people must be sent in


Within a telecommunications company in America a man is accused of having raped a woman and his entire proffesional career is in jeopardy. He must clear his name
Sunk Works

Skunk Works

Written by one of the engineers who worked on the SR 71 Blackbird, the U2 Spy plane as well as the F117 Slealth Fighter
Sophie's World

Sophie's World

Written by a philosophy teacher this is an interesting introduction to Philosophy. Sophie is a young girl whom keeps getting letters all the time and through these letters she begins to understand what Philosophy is. What happens as the story progresses is interesting.
Weaving the Web- Tim Berners Lee

Weaving the Web, Tim Berners Lee, father of the World Wide Web

How many people know that the World Wide Web which is such an important part of our lives was began by Tim Berners Lee in his free time whilst working at the European Center for Nuclear Research in Geneva Switzerland. An interesting read.

Away, By Jane Urquhart, order it now

After a shipwreck a woman is changed in her view of the world. (Short video clip about the book coming soon
A HandMaid's tale

The Handmaid's tale, Margaret Atwood

A book which I found was very interesting to read. It is based in a distopia where the only purpose of women is to reproduce.

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