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Pinnacle Systems Studio Deluxe Version 8 Video Editing: Includes dvd authoring for those of you interested in a simple home editing system at an affordable price. Incorporated with easy to use click and drag timeline features. audio dubbing and cd sound import to add to projects.

For output a choice of DV, DVD, for the web and more.

cover Adobe Premiere 6.5: One of the most powerful editing solutions proposed by Adobe for Video editing, comes with improved sound and video editing, export for the world wide web and master to DVD depending on who your audience is. Quite a good editing tool but with many options which go beyond the requirements of most home users.
AVID TECHNOLOGY Avid Xpress DV 3.5 Powerpack (Windows/Mac): For those of you thinking of editing professionaly this is one of the most affordable avid editing solutions on the market at the moment. As Avid is often found in top of the range editing facilities this is a useful tool to gain expertise before applying for work at various production facilities around th world.
cover Final Cut Pro 3.0: Along with Premiere 6.5 this is one of the best editing solutions for home users and small businesses on the market today, easy to use and with a familiar environment which should not take too long to familiarise yourselfs with. This is for moderate to advanced users because of the pwower of the package. Advantage of getting FCP 3 is that almost all the bugs are already ironed out.
cover Adobe Photoshop 7.0: For those of you who are interested by image manipulation, improvements and such this is the right software for you. Being one of the most useful tools on the market used by professionals you may find a variety of useful features from macro features when working on many images at once to proper indexing for searches and quite an intuitive user interface.
cover Pinnacle Studio MovieBox USB Video Transfer Device (210100251): Similar to the dazzle device but with a USB interface rather than a firewire one.
cover Dazzle Multimedia DM-2200 Hollywood DV Bridge: A very interesting new method of dealing with video. Similar to break out boxes but with the bonus that there are no cards to install inside the machine. Instead yuo simlpy plug it into either your USB 2 or DV (1934) connection to get both analogue and dv video into your computer for easy using. Includied with the package are the softwares needed for editing and authoring for the various outputs, whether web, dvd, or another tape. Good value for money.
cover Apple 40 GB iPod (Mac/Win): For those of you with a nice amount of mp3 files who feel tethered to yuor computer the idea of an i-pod may be something quite enjoyable. Allowing you to store up to 40 gigabytes of mp3 on the device. You will be able to put your whole music collection onto the device and listen to any of the tracks without worrying about where you placed yuor cd. Perfect for commuters and university students alike.
DCR VX 2000, minidv Camera

Sony DCRVX2000 MiniDV Digital Camcorder with 2.5" LCD, Memory Stick & BuiltIn Digital Still Mode

The VX 2000 is a good all round camera, it is easy to use and has many features which would encourage someone to use it. From the outside we see that the camera has a focusing ring and a zoom ring, both accesible at the same time unlike with other camera models. The focus ring is fairly easy to use although it takes a little bit of time to become fully proficient. The zoom can be controled by servo or manually at different speeds, when the zoom is controlled manually though the motor is taking feedback from your fingers for speed rather than being applied directly to the lens. Read more

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