Decline of Ancient Rome


Well there are lots of good reasons to saying why the Romans died out.
One is that the vastness of their empire they controlled.
Two was the political problem they had with the power hungry royal family and the needy Senate.
Three was the threat of civil unrest also going to keeping their empire together. Their empire which is the biggest in earths history was huge. If you can imagine one people owning 1 1/2 continents that's quite impresive although really frustrating. When the got to their final stages of conquest of their empire they were facing a problem of keeping their army together so they could insure peace. In some places they garrisoned them in walls, cities, and forts just in case but it was hard then with advanced roads to keep them supplied with food, weapons, housing and soldiers. Keeping soldiers was a big problem too. Once they had conquered so many people they didnt have enough to control them so they went to the people they conquered and paid them. Paying everyone was a problem also because Rome was getting broke. Problem after problem came upon them in the final stages of Military weakness. So they had to cut down pay and disband soldiers to keep what men they needed to have. Once this spread out other people like Northern celts and Huns came into the empire splitting east and west. Already they couldnt supply their men so the men abandoned to cities and married. Some generals were on threat to sack Rome along with the Germanic tribes and Huns so they could gain positition as Emperor. By this time the Emperor was very disliked by many people who wanted political balance and safety from even their own men. So this led to some minor revolts some other things they revolted on were high taxes. Now most of the west except Rome was to be taken. The east had problems too with cut trading lines and taken farms but when Rome was taken the east had to fend for itself. Which is what they did and with great effect that the east lasted 500 more years till the invention of gunpowder. The reason was leadership by Constantanoble one of the top 5 emperors in history and a clear trade waterway which was protected by new advances in ballistics. One was Greek fire which stopped the Persian fleet. On ground they had a CIA type intelligence and a Imperial Age army with shock calvary and tough battle hardened infantry. Maybe it was the vastness or the government or the econimic standards, we may never know what the true reason for the fall of The mighty Roman Empire was.

Written by Nick Certeza

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