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Cinema studies, the Key concepts

Cinema studies, key concepts, Pam Cook

A useful resource for those starting cinema studies.
Directing the Documentary

Directing the Documentary

A collection of essays about Documentary making
The Film Sense

The Film Sense, Sergei Eisenstein

Sergei Eisenstein explains his editing theory adding case examples of films he has made.
Documentary: A history of the Non-fiction film

A history of the Non-fiction film

An interesting read for those wanting to find out about documentary ages during the past century
Video Camera Techniques

Video camera techniques

A useful book for those wanting to study more about how to film properly
The Independent Producer; Establishing a profitable video business

The Independent video producer, profitable video...

An interesting resource if you're starting up in video production
Making Videos for Money

Making videos for money

A book written for those aiming to take video making to a proffessional level
Understanding Media cultures

Understanding media cultures

A look into how the media conveys the message and what effect it has on it's audience.
Participatory Video: A pracitcal... For those interested in making video more hands on for the local population why not browse through this book for ideas
The Globalization of News Taking a look at how technology and globalization are affecting the way in which news is gathered and distributed to it's audience.
Power without Responsibility

Power without responsability

Taking a look at Great Britain's media and the way in which they may inform the public
Understanding media

Understanding Media, Marshall McLuhan

Written by Marshall Mcluhhan, one of the most influential media writers of the time. He takes a look at the way in which through time the media have affected people. He speaks about Hot and cold media and what amount of influence they have had on people.
Manufacturing Consent

Manufacturing Consent. Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky is known for his views on the media, he is warning people to beware of the way in which news coverage is manipulated by the government to give the information which suits the government most at the time
Film Art

Film Art

Taking various films as examples this is an interesting book when learning about codes and conventions within the cinema's great classics
The Search for Reality

The Search for reality

A collection of essays written by directors who speak about the trials they have encountered while shooting their documentaries
Film directing and Aesthetics

Film Directing techniques and aesthetics

For those whom are interesting in directing this book explores the variety of shots which can be prepared, how to deal with actors and more
Film directing Shot by shot

Film Directing shot by shot

Written for those interested in cinematography
Broadcast news writing, reporting and producing

Broadcast news writing producing

A good resource for those needing a little more guidance when starting out in broadcast news production
Lighting for Video

Lighting for Video

Uses a range of examples to exlpain how to light a set with single and three point lighting. Explains how to get various lighting configurations to get the desired look so that a scene is three dimensional.

On Writing Well

Webmaster's Pick

For anyone wishing to improve their writing this is an ideal book. It's an enjoyable read and I think of it whenever writing.

Writing to Learn

By the same author of On Writing Well this is complementary reading

Mass Media and society

The core text for anyone wanting to study the media, includes essays about various ideas

Satelite Realms

Satelite realms

Taking a look at Satelite Broadcasting in the middle East

From Grierson to the Docu-soap

Exploring documentaries over time

Global Media Governance

Taking a look at the various bodies governing the world's media

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