Albert Camus

Whilst a student some authors jump up and grab your imagination so that your enjoyment of the book is very profound. Milan Kundera was one, Emil Zola was another and finally Albert Camus is a third. These authors speak about the problems within society with characters who are interesting because of their struggle within society's borders and existence as well. Having read these three authors in French I would recommend them to English speakers as well
Book TitleAbout the book
The stranger

The Stranger, Albert Camus

In Oran we find a man who has commited a murder. What makes this man so interesting though is the way in which he is indifferent to the murder he has commited. He has commited a crime and he assumes it. Through the book we are introduced to an interesting perception of the world
The Plague

The Plague by Albert Camus

Within a city the plague has broken out, at first no more than one or two dead rats but over a short period of time the problem becomes far more important. We find a group of people whom live in the city and how they cope with this terrible situation. In particular though the journalist Rieux is the most interesting. Many of us have been somewhere we do not like and wanted to leave. He is interesting because he reflects our own feeling and through him we get a feeling of the solidarity which develops over time.
The Fall

The Fall

Although I have read this book there is not much I remember about it. It is based in Paris and is a conversation between a lawyer and another and as the conversation continues the confessions become more and mre important
The Rebel, an essay of man in revolt

The Rebel, Albert Camus

The Rebel is Camus' first book and introduces to his ideas and views about the World. Through his characters we learn about how other people deal with their views and so gain an incite into ourselves
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