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The M.D. basin is a sedimentary bowl which is almost flat 60, 000,000 years ago the S.E, highlands were raised.

River flow

The Murray River starts in the Australian Alps Mountains. The flow is 1/365 of the Amazon River, however the Darling River starts in SE Queensland.


Many marshland areas exist near the river. These help to maintain bird species and bio diversity.

Cattle sheep and wheat

Cattle sheep and wheat represent the main forms of agriculture within the basin. Europeans introduced them in the 19th century


The M.D. has been used for navigation since 1853 by the 1880's railways replaced the river as a means of transport.

General information

The basin holds 1/2 the sheep, 1/4 dairy beef cattle, All the cotton, rice, and oilseed and 1/2 the wheat. Therefore, the biggest use of the river is for irrigation. Dams weirs and storage of water. Environmental management is thus essential and the M.D. basin commission is responsible for the river.

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