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About Me, The Author of This Site

Being me is an interesting thing to be, you see me is another way of saying Richard, now Richard is an interesting person because of many things... 

and now for a change of style

Several years ago, around 54 to be a little more concise there was a war going on, second World War. The Allies were trying to oust an insecure prick from his post as leader of Germany, they had been trying to attempt this ever since he invaded Poland. This followed the somewhat stupid idea that appeasmant was the way to go.

How wrong that was

England was seperated from the European continent at the time, channel tunnel was not created yet and it was a strategic point from which to launch a second attack, the first being from North Africa through Italy. 

Thousands of troops assembled in England and somehow had to get onto ships in order to launch an attack, they had to find a strategic place, this place is where I am at the moment. Weymouth was at one time quite an important port, known for it's shipping, fishing and of course King Edward III (right king I hope) coming to swim here starting a crazy new style, sunbathing... wow two important occurences in one part of the world. 


This is relevant to anyone visiting my site because this is my new point of study, Weymouth College, studying video production at the Higher National degree, surrounded by many people at least one year older than me.

The clubbing life leaves a little to be desired, find that many people go out to get sloshed so that most conversations are fairly superficial thereby killing the philosopher within anyone, secondly the booze which is cheaper than in Switzerland but more expensive than in Crete does not get you slammed, just merry... 

Dancing is sometimes good, depends on your mood and so on, found the best night so far was with a multinational group, that is to say out of four people seven nationalities, one from Tunis, one from Macedonia, on from Turkey and one from Switzerland (of English, Italian and Polish decent *the hero of this account*)

There's a slight lack of things to do here during the day apart from go shopping for cd's etc. etc while waiting to start serious diving in this part of the world.

Oh yeah, people are so cold here, in Switzerland you meet girls you know and you greet them with a kiss, here you do the same and it's considered a come on... strange these britishers who only club two am... and who don't want to go snowboarding at 2am!!! Why can't you go snowboarding at 2am... there's nothing better to do

well Remember dear friend that shit happens in miraculous ways

*warning if you're below legal swearing age please don't read the line above... shame the warning is directly after*

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