Hoyt, 1939

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This model created in 1939 was based on 142 American cities using eight housing variables for mapping.



- Wealthy people chose to live where they could afford to, eg. services etc.

- Wealthy residents used their cars as transport from home to work and vice versa thereby living further from industry but close to main roads.

- Similar types of land use clustered together to create "sector" development.

About the model: The model works on a system of wedges or sectors concentrating on the effect of communication lines on the growth pattern and that if an area had a certain land use then this sector would continue having that sector through time.


Problems with the model:

Due to it's age this model is also incorrect as it does not take into account commuter villages which developed with the popularization of the car. Other problems may be found by looking at the Burgess' model criticisms.

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