Hand in Hand with Moshi: A Tanzanian experience

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The Tanzania experience:

The projects:

During a part of the summer holidays I went to Tanzania in order to help develop the educational ability of the country working in different primary schools such as Korongoni, Borro, Makaa, Kibo secondary school and the Mkombozi children's centre.

Borro is a school located among the banana plantations on the outskirts of Moshi and 45 minutes walking from ISM. When we arrived at the school there was a classroom which still needed work such as cementing the floor, adding windows, plastering and then painting the walls making the room much lighter and more useful for the students.

Makaa primary school had a lack of space to accomodate all of it's younger students so that they were crowded into a wooden shack and the International school of Geneva helped to fund the construction of a new building so that the students may have proper facilities in which to work.

Korongoni involved chiseling holes in the walls where the cables were to be placed in order to allow electricity to be distributed to the different rooms, the rooms were cleaned and plastering began and panels were put under the roof to provide a ceiling so that when rain fell the sound was muffled.

The Mkombozi project involved helping to dig a whole which would then be cemented and then filled with water so that the children no longer needed to travel to the river and back to get water for cooking and washing.

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