Coming back from Tanzania

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Coming back from Tanzania into this world shows how different it is, from an economically less developed country to an economically more developed country we find that the people are very different, here we do not know our neighbors and everything we enjoy may be a few minutes by car while in Africa everything seems to be within walking distance. This is noticeable when walking to and from Boro primary school because this is an unpaved road along which there are very few vehicles meaning that the region is very rural, Tanzanian children notice these westerners who are different and they begin to follow you, looking at what is a new site to them, they do not entertain themselves with computers as children do in the western world or watch television, they live a more energetic life.

This could be felt when we were working on the projects of which was Korongoni where I saw the children helping us, in one room were several children working alone using whatever they could find and one of the children found a stick and some moss which he joined together creating a broom.


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