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Zagarolo, Lazio, Italy

Zagarolo is built on top of a hill in Latium (Lazio in Italian). As you can see from the pictures, adding plumbing to the ancient town was a challenge - bathrooms are added on to the houses and the plumbing tends to be improvised.

Mostly renaissance, with fragments of Roman columns or artifacts incorporated in buildings, Zagarolo does not even appear on any of the many guides I checked.

Like most small towns around Rome, it's packed with art treasures - it's a well kept secret, only known to the locals.

990809ZagaroloUrn.jpg (59295 bytes)

Well, when Roman artifacts abound, like in Italy, they can't all be in museums.

Zagarolo, Exterior
990817ZagaroloPiazza.jpg (47545 bytes)

The main piazza - Roman statues embedded in buildings and all...