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Spoleto notes

Where to eat

Taverna dei Duchi
via Saffi 1
Phone +39 743 40323

Reasonable prices: less than 20 thousand Lire per person (+ wine).

Tomato bruschetta - with cherry tomatoes (in season).

Tomato bruschetta - with cherry tomatoes

Strangozzi - a specialty of Spoleto

Stringozzi - a local specialty.
It's OK - but I find it tastes of flour.



Where to eat

Ristorante La Barcaccia
Piazza Fratelli Bandiera 3
06049 Spoleto
Phone: +39 6049 221 171

Much more expensive than la Taverna dei Duchi - and for a good reason: tourists (both foreign and Italian). Some of the food is very good (pappardelle al cinghiale - wide homemade pasta with boar sauce), some mediocre (scaloppina al limone).

Where to stay in Spoleto


 Driving in Spoleto

Cars traffic is restricted in the old town and you need a permit from your hotel to park. This does not guarantee that you will find a parking space easily in the narrow streets. Basically - don't, unless you're desperate.