The teen Movie

What's better after a hard day of living in the real world to arrive and laugh at the misfortunes and challenges people encounter in the Teen movie genre? It was started by such films as Clueless back in 1995 and they've continued making them for one of the most profitable age groups for marketing of our time.

title Description
Scary movie

Scary Movie

If you're tired of watching horror films that make you laugh then why not watch this satirical look of the genre
Scary Movie 2

Scary Movie 2

Although not as good as the first one if you're out for a laugh then watch this to bring a new meaning to certain expressions
American Pie, teen movie classic

American Pie

A group of boys decide to take the teen movie pact of losing their virginity. Watch the trials and tribulations experienced by this group
American Pie 2

American Pie II

The original group have finished their first year of college and they get back together to catch up on what's new, includes some hilarious moments
Not Another Teen Movie

Not Another Teen Movie

Taking a satirical view of as many teen movies as you can remember and more. Particularly amusing since it's a piss take of a piss take

Road Trip

Ever wanted to film yourself with your girlfriend? This person did and now he's going on a road trip to get to the tape before she does, full of comic situations

Dude, where's my car

After a night out two people wake up without knowing where there car is or what happened. They must pick up the pieces and piece together the events of the past night with hilarious moments
Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde

Why not watch how the hollywood film maker can take a stereotype and make it into a movie with a lack of depth, some interesting elements but overall quite an average film
Princess Diaries

The Princess Diaries

A young teenager lives in San Francisco with her mother and must change. She is the princess of a country and must learn to behave in the correct method


The teen movie to start all others, starring Alicia Silverstone. Followed later by the "Clueless" series by Paramount
Bring It On

Bring It On

Cheerleading is a very competitive medium and Kirsten Dunst's character will find this out shortly.
Say It Isn't So

Say it Isn't So

Another teen movie showing a relationship which should not be and the difficulties encountered, and of course wait for the denoument to clear everything
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