Hotmail using an e-mail client

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Hotmail using e-mail software rather than using the usual browser:

For those of you who are used to sending e-mails, you already know about the tedious process of logging in and waiting for windows to load.

There is then the typing of the message which takes another few minutes, and there's a chance of there being some typos in the message but under the time strain you feel that it's the best way to work.  right?... right? :0)

WRONG!  Once while I was online and using ICQ someone pointed me to a program called hotmail express (please note that Hotmail express had to change it's name to cwebmail).

What does it do?

This software permits you to use your hotmail account as if it was a pop3 account.   I could give you a long and roundabout description of it,  but basically means you can use programs such as Outlook98, Outlook Express or any other which you would like to use.

What's useful about it?

If you use an e-mail account to type long e-mails to people then you probably use something such as Word, and then cut and paste the text into the e-mail window - which works fine, but it's fairly time-consuming.  The software I've made available enables you to use outlook express for example to type several messages which you can then send without moving the text around, and of course without remaining connected for hours at a time.

In brief this is a very useful piece of software to those who like to check their e-mails without surfing and who don't want to have restrictions as to the size of their messages but if, like me, you spend time  going from site to site then you'll enjoy it because while you're concentrating on the sites, your outlook program is looking for the e-mails so that you can view them offline and therefore whenever you want without having to print them out.

Written by Richard Azia

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