Title URL Remarks
Alice Main's the Producer Page. http://www.scripps.ohiou.edu/producer/ With a strong US local TV slant, but a very interesting site. Full of useful information and links, as well as the excellent The Producer Book (see books page). Lots of links.
News Ahead http://www.newsahead.com Advance calendar, advertising, contact information. Good ideas, but needs developing.
TV News - what local stations don't want you to know! http://www.tfs.net/~gbyron/tvnews1.html Greg Byron, former radio and TV newsman, who has moved to a different career, airs his views on the local US TV news coverage. Interesting, thought provoking, as the problems he quotes are not limited to the US market. Includes reactions from readers.
National Press Photographers' Association http://sunsite.unc.edu/nppa/ Includes "Excellence in Television Photojournalism", articles on legal subjects, etc. Very interesting.
Airvibes http://airvibes.net/ Lots of intentions. Perhaps, one day...

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