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View from the Club Med beach on the old town of Ibiza. The Club Med is very near the airport - and even nearer to a smelly canal pouring into the sea, right next to this beach. Mosquitoes galore.
Sometimes one wonders what goes on in these peoples' heads...

Ibiza is either notorious - or famous - for its riotous, boozy nights.

 However, it can offer a lot more: a lovely old town, lots of calas with clean, white sand, blue sea and a pleasant interior.

But if you don't go for the wild nights, plan to go off-season.


One citizen of Ibiza who is fun to deal with.

Ibiza is full of calas, with rocks and white sands.

Pity that they have to put ugly concrete buildings on most of them - this one is an exception - at least the buildings have some sort of local style.