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3Com Palm V Connected Organizer

I have gone through a number of organizers through the years, including Casio and Sharp electronic diaries. Considering the cost of the machines, in comparison with a paper and leather diary and the hassle of entering your data every time - the new PDA better be worth it.

Recently I gave in (I was waiting for the all-singing, all-dancing computer in your palm) and bought the Palmtop V.

Besides some hassle with getting the cradle to speak to my computers at home and at work, the machine has worked very well. I now have over 2500 contacts on the organizer, as well as hundreds of to-do, diary entries and notes. I have installed the free software for getting news off the web on my PDA - and I still have one quarter of the memory available. That's smart memory management.

Also, I have just upgraded to Pam OS 3.3 software - for free from the website - and it worked straight away, a real beauty.

Why in the world did I hesitate for so long?

PS: If you need more than 2 MB, you may want to look at the IIIx model - but 2 MB has never left me wanting more, so far.

PS 2: If you have trouble with the configuration of the synchronisation between the Palmtop and your computer, try all the ports you have or don't have on your machine (yes, Port 1, 2, 3, 4, etc) the Palmtop identifies the ports numbers in a different manner from you computer! I have spent hours trying to get the Palmtop to speak to port 1 - unsuccessfully - but it worked once I configured it to speak to port 2 or 3... while it was still attached physically to my port 1...