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Elizabeth B. Gardner

Opportunities in Arts and Crafts Careers (Vgm Opportunities Series)

I received this e-mail from As the book had very good reviews and seems interesting, here it is:

My mother is a docent at the SF Fine Arts Museums and has recently published the book, "Opportunities in Arts and Crafts Careers" (info below).

I noticed that your website is an affiliated one. Her book is listed on their website in full detail.


  • Insiders' tips for obtaining the best education in the field of arts and crafts
  • Valuable advice and unique ideas for jump-starting your career
  • Personal profiles of artists and craftspeople, as well as a historical
  • overview of each of the featured arts and crafts
  • Descriptions of the materials and methods used by various artisans in the execution of their work

TABLE OF CONTENTS: Architecture Careers, Bookbinding Careers, Ceramic Careers, Drawing Careers, Fashion Design Careers, Fine Printing Careers, Glassmaking Careers, Graphic Design Careers, Interior Design Careers, Jewelry Making Careers, Landscape Design Careers, Metalworking Careers, Needlework Careers, Painting Careers, Performance Art Careers, Photography Careers, Printmaking Careers, Quilt Making Careers, Sculpture Careers, Stained Glass Careers, Video Art Careers, Weaving Careers, Woodworking Careers, Ideas to Get You Started