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"Bologna la grassa" - Bologna the fat - says something about the attitude its inhabitants have to food. The rich plains of the Po valley produce enough food and variety to stimulate the experimentation and pleasure in eating - beyond mere sustentation, which produce great cuisine.

As everywhere else in Italy, avoid carefully tourist traps (bad food, lousy service and steep bills). Ask the hotel receptionist (careful here, they usually get a kickback from the restaurants), or just follow your instinct: the place must be full of locals and no tourists in sight - this is a guarantee of quality.

We went to a restaurant, following the receptionist's recommendation: Trattoria Danio. Good food, typical Italian atmosphere - not a foreigner in sight, besides us, of course.

Trattoria Dagno
via S. Felice 50/A
40122 Bologna
Phone +39 051 55 52 02

Cost: Lit 57 400 for three (no wine)

Hotel Re Enzo
Via S. Croce 26
40122 Bologna
Phone: +39 051 523 322
Fax: +39 051 554 035

Cost: Lit 190 000 for a triple bedroom