Ardeche, Le Couradou, La Bastide de Virac

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Le Couradou, Ardèche Annie and Xavier left the busy big city, Paris, to move to the French region of Ardèche.
Instead of sitting in an office, they run a bed and breakfast.
They bought a run down couradou (old farmhouse) which they restored with great care and added a swimming pool. They scouted for antique furniture - and here you can see the results. Le Couradou, Ardèche
Le Couradou, Ardèche Now, the word bed and breakfast is very misleading, in this case. As you can see from the pictures, the bedrooms are splendid (can you think of anything better for a romantic holiday or just a weekend?).

Le Couradou, Ardèche
The dining room.

The surprise comes if you join the "table d'hôte".
You have to ask in advance (you can't join dinner as you go up to your bedroom, lured by the smells and sig