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 Death Valley, Shadows

       In a busy newsroom, you don't have time to think about holidays or open spaces - you just rush to get the next transmission on the air, or edit an item in time for the deadline


      When not organizing television news transmissions, I like to read, travel, take video, still pictures and walk in the mountains (not many deserts around in Switzerland). When on holidays, I like doing just the opposite of my everyday routine: a new location every day, constantly on the move and in the open air - preferably in deserts.

      How to share my pleasure with other, like-minded people? Video over the internet stinks - the bandwidth is just not there (perhaps with I2...). But texts and photographs are great - so there you are - plenty of pictures, for a start, anyway. I want to take some time writing the texts - I hate sloppy writing.

      I  dug out pictures from my archives, to display some of the pictures I took when I was a kid - back in the sixties. At the time, you were trying to take high contrast, grainy pictures. Ilford HP4 400 ISO film was usually pushed to 800 ISO, high contrast processing and printed on the highest contrast paper. The results were not always subtle, but, occasionally, interesting.

    Hope you enjoy the pictures and don't forget to visit our bookshop.


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